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6 Metal Roof Maintenance Tips During Winter

The magical and coldest time of the year is here! Your metal roofing protects you from all sorts of weather conditions, so it’s time to give it some care for the cold seasons. We know you want your commercial building to be damage-free during the winter season, and you can achieve that by conducting proper metal roof maintenance.

Whether you have a standing seam metal roof, corrugated metal roofing, or any other metal roofing materials, the things that you need to know to help your roof stand in the chilly season are right here! 

1. Keep Tree Branches Off

keep tree branches off metal roofs

Despite being durable and tough, your metal roof is very prone to abrasions and minor scratches due to friction coming from tree branches hanging on the roof. Regular clearing of tree branches especially before winter can prevent unwanted damage caused by nearby foliage. 

During the winter months, strong winds and snow can make more branches fall off on your roof. Just one big snowstorm can cause severe damage to your metal roof, so it is important to prevent this from happening.

It is recommended to put 1 meter of allowance between your trees and your roof, and you may do this chore during autumn before the snow months hit. For really big trees, you may hire a professional to prevent any unwanted accidents.

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2. Brush and Clean Debris Before Winter

cleaning debris metal roof maintenance

Some metal roofs have smoother surfaces so debris and leaves can fall off easily even without brushing them off. However, this still depends on the side and type of metal roofing panels used for your roofs.

Instead of attempting to dislodge the debris and dirt with a hose, you can sweep it off with a brush. Consider getting metal roofing services to perform routine roof cleaning for you, especially if you have a flat roof. Flat roofs are more prone to pooling and debris buildup because of their flat structure.

For your own safety, practice extreme caution when stepping on metal roof panels, especially during the winter.

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3. Keep Your Gutters Clean

cleaning gutters metal roof

Your gutters may become clogged with sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris, which can cause clogging due to freezing weather conditions. 

During the winter season, metal roofs tend to develop ice jams in gutters due to debris buildup. If icicles are hanging from your gutters, you need to clear out the build-up as soon as possible.

One of the biggest risks is that the weight of the ice may cause your gutters to become weak and fragile. As a result, the gutters may fall under extreme circumstances.

In this situation, expensive repairs are likely to happen and might even lead to a metal roof replacement. You can hire a roofing contractor to clean your gutters if you don’t feel comfortable climbing a ladder and using a trowel to remove the ice and debris from your gutters. Installing gutter guards to stop future debris accumulation may also be helpful, especially during winter.

4. Remove Snow ASAP

removing snow metal roof maintenance

As soon as you see that snow is beginning to accumulate on your metal roof, you should clear it out once the weather permits. You can use a brush or long-handled broom to remove the snow from the top of your house after a winter storm. 

When cleaning your roof, try to stay away from using metal tools that could damage the coating of your metal roof. Removing snow can prevent water pooling, which is the main cause of roof leaks.

5. Check Your Attic Insulation

Snow tends to melt when the metal roof is warm and refreeze when the roof temperature is below 32°F, and this causes ice dams to form. When the dam forms, snow begins to build up around the edges of the metal roof and other roof structures.

Before winter, make sure that your attic is properly insulated because this can effectively prevent ice dams from developing. Additionally, it allows for improved airflow throughout the home, which adds to the comfort of your home. Call a professional to properly insulate your attic before it gets cold.

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6. Check Exterior and Interior Roof Conditions

Even if you’re not an expert roofer, looking at your metal roof may help you identify a minor issue before it becomes a major one.

Walk around your property and look at the areas of your roof that are visible to conduct an exterior examination of your roof. Keep an eye out for any indications of wear and tear, corrosion, or broken gutters.

Examine your roof’s underside as well. Look for any holes or rips in the metal roofing system that might be letting water in. Check the beams and rafters that support your metal roof to see if there are any signs of rot, insect infestation, or damage.

Internal and external roof inspections can give you an indication of the extent of the damage, but only a qualified roofing contractor can evaluate the structural integrity of your metal roof in its entirety with complete accuracy.

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Get Professional Metal Roof Maintenance During Winter

If you need any help with maintaining your metal roofing systems during this season, we are always ready to help! We offer comprehensive metal roof maintenance all throughout the year, especially if you need to check your commercial roofing for any damages. 

We also offer other commercial and industrial roofing services like metal roof installation, roof repairs, and more! Give us a call today for a free quotation.

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