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Metal Roof Insulation: Pros, Cons, and Costs

Did you know that metal roofs have been gaining popularity all throughout the USA? Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, metal roofing is also known for its high durability and a longer lifespan than other roofing materials. 

If you’re planning to get metal roofs, but are still unsure of your choices, you are on the right track! Find out more information about everything that you need to know about metal roof insulation here! 

Getting Metal Roof Insulation: What’s In It For You?

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There are a lot of benefits commercial property owners can acquire from getting their metal roofs insulated. Aside from increasing the roof’s lifespan and durability over the years, there are other advantages of insulation like the following:

Noise Reduction

If you’re living in an area where the weather gets pretty rough at times, you might notice that your metal roof creates loud sounds especially when there’s a thunderstorm or even just moderate rainfall. The noise can be quite bothersome to other people, and proper metal roof insulation can help ease the noise. 

With proper insulation and other roofing components like decking and underlayment, the noise coming from the harsh weather outside would no longer be a worry to you and your family.

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Helps Reduce Humidity

Humidity, when not properly managed, can cause mold and mildew in areas of your building that don’t have proper ventilation. Growth of mold and mildew usually happens in attics, bathrooms, and even rooms that are not getting enough airflow from windows. Proper metal roof insulation can help manage and reduce the humidity in your entire house. 

Reduction in humidity lessens the growth of fungi and other microorganisms that can cause rotting, mold, and mildew. In return, potential health issues to your family and damages to your building will ease, too. 

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Prevents Ice Dams

A ridge of ice that accumulates at the edge of a roof and blocks water from melting snow and draining off the roof is known as an ice dam. Ice dams are usually seen in areas with heavy snow during the winter. 

Since ice dams accumulate at the edge of your roof, the water pooling behind the dams can leak into your house. It may cause damage to your walls, insulation, and other house structures. Proper metal roof insulation can help regulate the temperature of your roof and prevent ice dams from occurring.

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Helps Save Energy 

Metal roof insulation can also save energy. Since insulation helps regulate the temperature of the building, it can help save you from high electricity bills. 

Additionally, metal roof insulation can keep your building warmer during the cold winter as it promotes energy efficiency and conservation. Therefore, your building does not need extra energy to instill a comfortable indoor temperature.

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What Are Your Metal Roof Insulation Options?


There are a few metal roof insulation options that you can choose from for your metal roofs. We will be talking about the pros and cons of each option to find out what suits your building best.

Rigid Board Insulation

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Rigid foam boards are manufactured using rugged sheets of foam to create closed-cell insulation, hence the name. They are usually sold as sheets just like plywood with various thicknesses that range from 1⁄2 to 2 inches. These durable boards are made from polyurethane or polystyrene. 

Provides great soundproofingMust be installed tightly to prevent air leakage
Can provide maximum thermal resistance once sealedCan be easily damaged by UV rays, if without proper installation
Made from thinner and denser materials to prevent air leakageSealing is important for all joints to prevent air leakage
Can also be applied to walls and building foundations

Cost: Prices may vary from $3.95 to $7.20, depending on the type of materials and quality of boards used.

Fiberglass Batts

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Fiberglass Batts are one of the most affordable options for metal roof insulation. This material uses glass that is manufactured in a fine, thread-like pattern to create a thick insulating pad. Fiberglass insulation uses the same substances and chemicals used in making glassware. 

Most affordable and easiest method of metal roofing insulationDamaging to eyes, hands, and lungs, if no sufficient protective gears are used upon installation
Versatile material
Can be placed under metal roofing panels
Can be installed on an existing roofing surface

Cost: Prices start at $0.88 to $1.64 per sq. ft.

Spray Foam

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Spray foam insulation is the most preferred for homes and buildings that are going through renovations. Roofers can easily work with this material, too. 

Usually, spray foams are mixed with water and by heating chemicals to create a closed-cell spray foam that increases by up to 30x in size. As soon as the foam reaches its maximum size, it hardens and cures within a few minutes.

Can be installed on old or new roofing without the need for reroofingQuite difficult to install for roofers without adequate experience
Very easy to install and work withCan only be installed if the temperature is not below 50°F
Very efficient in preventing buildup of condensationMaterial can be carried away by the wind
With self-adhering properties that can be used on uneven surfaces
Prevents rodent or insect infestation
Can be recoated after 10 to 20 years

Cost: Spray foams can cost around $8 to $12 per sq. ft and this price range may change daily.

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