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Average Commercial Roof Repair Cost in Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to getting the average commercial roof repair cost, you, as a business owner, would have to understand that there are several factors that you have to consider. You might have looked through the Internet to get an idea of how much repair costs. 

In this article, you’ll find more insights on the importance of knowing the different factors that you need to consider when getting a detailed repair cost quote for commercial roofing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Read on to learn more about commercial roofing systems and their repair expenses.

What Do Roofing Contractors Consider When Giving a Repair Cost Estimate?

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In Arizona, getting a commercial roof repair can range anywhere between $5 to $8 per square foot. This already includes the labor cost and materials, but this price range can still depend on several factors like the expertise of the roofer, the complexity of the project, materials to be used, and more.

A credible and professional commercial roofing contractor will have to check several details to give you an idea of how much the project will cost. Here are some of the major categories that may affect the cost of your commercial roof replacement or repair:

Roofing Type

Commercial roofs are made with different materials that can directly affect the cost of your repair project. For example, tile or metal roofs can be more expensive to repair than flat roofs. 

Metal roofing requires more specialized skills and tools, which can also increase the cost per square foot. Meanwhile, commercial flat roofs may be less expensive to replace or repair than other roofing types.

Commercial roofing materials play a major role in affecting the costs of your roof system repair but your contractor will definitely give you some ideas about the costs per roofing type.

Access to the Commercial Roofs

If the roof is easily accessible, with good ladder access or a flat, walkable surface, contractors can complete the repairs faster and easier, potentially lowering labor costs.

However, if your commercial roof is very high or has steep slopes, the contractors may need to use specialized equipment such as scaffolding or a crane to safely access the roof structure. The additional equipment and labor may raise the overall cost of your commercial roof replacement or repair.

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Condition of the Existing Commercial Roof

If the commercial roof is in poor condition with extensive damage or decay, the cost of repair may be higher as more work will be required to fix the issues, and if replacement is needed for some parts. Getting a commercial roof replacement cost quotation is often more expensive than a repair.

The roof may also require more extensive repairs if it has not been properly maintained. For example, if you have a commercial flat roof that has been leaking for a long time and has caused water damage to the underlying structure, repairs to both the roof and the interior of the building may be necessary. This can ultimately raise the overall cost.

Lastly, if the existing roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may be more cost-effective to replace the roofing materials entirely rather than perform repeated repairs. This is because repairing an old roof may be a short-term solution and the underlying problems may continue to occur, leading to further repair costs.

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Surface Area to Be Repaired

Contractors usually calculate the costs per square foot of the damage needed to be repaired. The larger area to be repaired means that you need to pay for more roofing materials and labor. 

What are the Most Expensive and Least Expensive Repairs?

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Now that you know the different factors that roofing contractors consider when finalizing the overall cost of your upcoming repair project, let’s take a look at the most expensive and least expensive types of commercial roofing repair.

Most Expensive Repairs:

Least Expensive Repairs:

  • Patching up minor leaks
  • Clearing of debris from gutters
  • Coating
  • Replacement of missing or damaged shingles
  • Sealing around a vent or chimney

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How much does it cost to replace 1000 sq ft of a roof?

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A 1000-square-foot roof replacement usually starts at $4,000. Many factors influence this rate, such as the shape, type, and materials of your roof. Complex roofing systems are typically more expensive to install.

Learn More About Detailed Commercial Roof Repair Cost

The best way to get an accurate commercial roof cost quotation is to contact a licensed roofing contractor. Easy Roof Solutions offers free estimates and quotes that are detailed and honest. 

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