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6 Signs You Need a Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Commercial properties usually have flat roofing systems since they are considered to be very durable once it is properly installed and maintained. However, there are still times when commercial flat roof repair is necessary especially when your area experiences extreme climate conditions like heavy rains, snow, and very hot temperatures. 

But how exactly would you know that your building’s flat roof needs a repair? We have gathered some signs that you can check out when it’s time to call in your roofing contractor. Let’s get started!

When Should You Get a Commercial Roof Repair?

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We have listed down the most common signs of damage that you have to watch out for. 

If you notice any of these signs, it might be time to consider getting a commercial roof repair as soon as possible.

Mold Growth

Once you see signs of mold growth on your flat roof, you have to act fast and prevent it from spreading. It can be due to a variety of factors like excessive moisture, lack of sunlight, and even poor ventilation. 

Aside from compromising the structure of your flat roofs and the entire commercial property, mold growth can also impose health risks to the people who are inside the building. People who are prone to allergies and have respiratory issues may have health issues, which can hamper the smooth operations of your business.

Water Spots on Ceilings and Walls

Water spots on ceilings and walls are a sign that water is penetrating through the flat roof and potentially damaging the building’s structure. 

Over time, this water infiltration can cause significant damage to the roof and underlying materials, leading to rot, mold growth, and potential collapse of the roof. Additionally, water damage can impact the building’s insulation, electrical systems, and other components, which can be costly to repair.

Bubbling of Interior Walls

The bubbling of your interior walls can also be a sign of water damage on your commercial roof. You may see some small bumps or blisters on the surface of your wall, and it can be due to the buildup of air or moisture between the wall and the extra moisture penetrating from the flat roof. 

It’s highly advisable to have a professional roofer inspect your flat roof systems if you see these bubbles.

Water Ponding

Water ponding on a flat roof can be a sign of poor drainage or an insufficient slope, which can cause water to accumulate and potentially penetrate the roof membrane. 

Over time, the water infiltration can lead to damage to the commercial roof and underlying materials, as well as potential structural damage to the building. Getting commercial roof repair may involve improving your drainage system or the existing roof slope of the building.

Visible Wear and Tear

The wear and tear signs of your commercial roofing can manifest in various ways like cracks, blisters, tearing of the roof membrane, damage to flashings, and more. Commercial roofing repair involves adding durable coats, patching the holes and cracks, or even getting a roof replacement.

It is also important to do proper maintenance procedures to ensure that your roofing system is checked for any damage that needs to be addressed.

Loose Flashings 

The flashings on a commercial roof are the thin metal pieces that are installed on a flat roof. These pieces of metal are installed in commercial buildings and residential roofings to create a waterproof barrier on the joints. 

Damaged flat roof flashings can create gaps because they are no longer attached to the commercial flat roof. The roof repair company may do commercial roof repairs by reattaching and securing the flashings back to the joints.

What Is the Best Way to Repair a Flat Roof?

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When it comes to roof repairs of commercial properties, the best way to do it is by identifying the root cause of the damage. For flat roof repair, the usual methods consist of applying sealants or installing layers of reinforced fabric or membrane. 

It is vital that commercial roofing repairs are done by certified roofing contractors as improper installation and repairs may impose more damage.

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Which Product Is Used to Repair Small Leaks in Commercial Flat Roofs?

Commercial roofing repairs can use various products for patching up a leaky roof. These products can be roofing cement, liquid rubber, patching kits, and silicone sealants.

Can You Repair a Part of a Flat Roof?

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Yes, it is possible to repair a part of a flat roof without replacing the entire roof. In fact, repairing a specific area of the flat roof is often the most practical and cost-effective solution when only a portion of the roof is damaged or deteriorated.

Need Flat Roofing Repair?

Do you notice any of these signs on your commercial roofing? If yes, then we have to take your concerns to a credible commercial roofing company like Easy Roof Solutions!

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